Beginning To Beller


Well, i sat down to the typin board yesterday and avoided doing any work by spending an hour looking for a good photo to use. Then i realized i should probably go get my photo made again. Then i ran out of coffee. Then i ran away from the typin board.

Reading books about how to be an artist, how to make the leap, how to become the story, the first step was to always claim yourself an artist. Just say it already. The next was to learn what your limitations are. Well, i didn’t think i was afraid to call myself an artist. And i didn’t think i had any limitations with sharing stories.

Turns out neither of those things are truly true. So maybe once i have that sorted out, i can come back to y’all with the artist’s story. Right now i need to write it.

In the meanwhile, in that passing time, this blog will be there for all those things y’all wanted to know. What’s involved in the process, who and what inspires me, history-stories, poems, studio practice, and sketchbook glimpses. So lookin forward to sharing those that i love with you here. It turns out not every-body knows who Ma Rainey or Walter Anderson are, after all.

Hey friend, take my hand, let’s head down to the crossroads together.